Creating Community with Family-Focused Events & Activities at Treehouse Children’s Academy

At Treehouse Children’s Academy, we cherish the sense of warmth, family, and belonging that defines our community. Our school events and customs are thoughtfully designed to create an inviting and home-like environment, where parents and children can come together to celebrate, learn, and grow. Here’s a glimpse into the heartwarming customs and events that shape our Treehouse family:


Parent/Teacher Conferences

Twice a year, we open our doors to welcome parents for Parent/Teacher Conferences. These meetings provide a valuable opportunity for parents to witness their child’s progress and development. Sign-up sheets are readily available, but we encourage parents to reach out at any time throughout the year to schedule a conference with our dedicated teachers and directors. We’re here to support and partner with you in your child’s journey.

    Our Community & Customs


    School Starts:

    The beginning of the school year is a special time filled with excitement and new beginnings.


    Open House:

    Our Open House event is a warm invitation for parents to step into their child’s learning environment and get a firsthand look at what makes Treehouse special.


    Parent/Teacher Conferences & Fall Festival:

    October brings Parent/Teacher Conferences for a closer look at your child’s growth. We also celebrate the season with our Fall Festival, a fun-filled gathering that brings our Treehouse family together.


    Thanksgiving Lunch & Stone Soup:

    We share a Thanksgiving meal together, fostering a sense of gratitude and community. Our Stone Soup tradition emphasizes the power of sharing and collaboration.


    Christmas Programs & Book Exchange:

    The holiday season is marked with heartwarming Christmas programs and a Book Exchange, spreading the joy of reading and togetherness.


    Celebrate the New Year:

    We embrace new beginnings and set positive intentions for the year ahead.


    Valentine Exchange:

    Love and friendship take center stage as we celebrate Valentine’s Day with exchanges of heartfelt sentiments.


    Leprechaun Hunt, Spring Break, Dr. Seuss Week:

    March is a month of adventure, imagination, and celebration. Our Leprechaun Hunt adds a touch of magic, Spring Break offers a well-deserved break, and Dr. Seuss Week sparks creativity and a love for reading.


    Easter Egg Hunt & Good Friday:

    We come together to celebrate Easter with a joyful egg hunt, and we observe Good Friday as a time for reflection and unity.


    Parent/Teacher Conferences, Teacher Appreciation, Muffins with Mom, Graduation, End of the Year Parties:

    May is a month of reflection, gratitude, and milestones. We honor our teachers, celebrate moms, applaud our graduates, and end the year with cheerful parties.

    June/July - Summer Camp Program


    Donuts with dads


    Connecting with the community

    Family Engagement Throughout the Year

    Parents are encouraged to actively participate in these heartwarming customs and events throughout the year. Notices and sign-up sheets are posted in advance, ensuring that everyone can join in the festivities. We welcome birthday parties, with parents providing refreshments to share the joy. To prioritize the safety of all our children, we kindly request that peanut products are not brought into the preschool due to severe allergies.

    Hours of Operation & Holidays

    We respect the importance of family time and holidays. Treehouse Children’s Academy will be closed in observance of various holidays throughout the year, allowing families to cherish these special moments together. Our facility’s holiday schedule is posted in advance, and we make every effort to align with local school district closures for consistency. In cases of weather-related closures or delays, we provide advance notice through our Facebook page and local news channels.

    At Treehouse Children’s Academy, we believe in nurturing not only your child’s academic growth but also the warmth and togetherness that make our community special. Join us on this heartwarming journey where every child is valued, and every family is part of our Treehouse family.

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