Infant Program

Infant Day Care in Lubbock, Abilene, and Amarillo

Situated at the heart of Lubbock, our child care services provide a nurturing haven for your little one. In our facility, your child will experience a warm and caring atmosphere where love surrounds them. Our dedicated team understands each child’s needs, ensuring personalized attention and tailored feeding and napping routines for every infant. This creates an environment that feels just like home.

As your child grows, they’ll embark on a journey of discovery through engaging activities that stimulate their senses. We believe that learning should be an exciting exploration, and we’re here to guide them every step of the way.

We truly value the importance of nurturing emotional, intellectual, and physical growth during these crucial early years. Our program focuses on meaningful interactions between caregivers and each child, building strong bonds that foster trust and provide a solid foundation for future development. These relationships encourage children to express themselves, explore their surroundings, and develop empathy and social skills.

As part of our exploration-based approach, we introduce vibrant colors and the beauty of sign language. This approach not only enhances cognitive growth but also promotes early communication skills. As they step into the world around them, they’ll do so with greater vocabulary and the ability to express themselves more effectively.


At our center, we prioritize your child’s all-around development. We join them on their journey, offering care, attention, and a wide range of learning experiences. Each day is filled with small victories, new friendships, and the excitement of discovery. We understand the trust you place in us as partners in your child’s growth, and we take this responsibility to heart in everything we do.

Welcome to a place where care isn’t just a service – it’s a heartfelt commitment to laying the foundation for your child’s lifelong journey. Together, let’s celebrate growth, learning, and the wonderful world of childhood exploration.


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