Summer Adventure
at Treehouse Children’s Academy:

At Treehouse Children’s Academy, we’re all about creating a warm and welcoming summer atmosphere that sparks joy and fuels young minds with exploration and learning. Our summer program is carefully crafted to blend the pure joys of play with enriching activities that seamlessly align with our year-round curriculum. With offerings catering to children aged 2 to school-age, we guarantee a summer filled with boundless fun and growth.

Summer camps Lubbock
Summer camps Lubbock

Age-Tailored Excitement:

  • For 2-Year-Olds: Our youngest adventurers, the 2-year-olds, embark on a summer journey where learning and play become best buddies. Through age-appropriate arts and crafts, sensory-rich activities, and interactive music sessions, they’ll dive into hands-on experiences that light up their developing minds.
  • For 3-Year-Olds: For our spirited 3-year-olds, summer is an opportunity to unleash their creativity. Themed weeks, carefully linked to our school year curriculum, guide them through captivating art projects, simple yet awe-inspiring science experiments, and engaging water activities—keeping their curiosity alive and their love for learning blooming.
  • For 4-Year-Olds: Our 4-year-olds continue their creative exploration, building upon the foundation laid during the school year. Themed weeks introduce them to more intricate art projects, hands-on science discoveries, and water activities that are not just fun but also educational. Summer, for them, is all about nurturing a lifelong love for learning.
  • For School Age Explorers: Summer is an adventure for our school-age children! Beyond the classroom, they embark on educational field trips that are both enlightening and loads of fun, expanding their horizons and leaving them with unforgettable memories. Fridays are dedicated to swim days, offering a refreshing splash of aquatic joy.

Special Highlights:

  • Themed Weeks: Each week is a unique adventure with themes connecting to our school year curriculum. This approach lets students weave together their prior knowledge with the excitement of summer activities.
  • Splash Day: Children of all ages eagerly anticipate Splash Day, where the great outdoors becomes their playground and sprinkler play becomes a symphony of laughter and water fun!
  • Field Trips: School-age students embark on educational field trips that not only satiate their curiosity but also infuse their learning with real-world experiences. These trips align with their interests, offering holistic growth.
Summer camps Lubbock

At Treehouse Children’s Academy, our summer program is all about ensuring that children experience a summer that’s not just fun but also profoundly educational. We believe in the magic of learning through play, and during the summer months, we make sure that this magic shines brightly in every child’s heart and mind. Welcome to a summer of adventure and learning at Treehouse Children’s Academy!

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